One hard lesson that every new parent will learn is that children are expensive. Outside of sleep, and time, you’ll also lose a lot of money. Children need a lot of things, and as a parent, the bill will always come to you. Times are tough at the moment, especially for new parents. Luckily, we have some cost-cutting tips to help you save some much-needed money.

1. Save on Streaming Services

There is no shortage of children’s programming available. The problem is that it’s not all in one place. By signing up for every streaming service, you’ll see big chunks come out of your bank account every month. Did you know that there are great free kids cartoons for babies and young children available online? Choosing this option means that you can save on entertainment whilst still providing your children with some quality shows for them to enjoy!

2. Shop second hand

Babies and young children are constantly growing. Many parents go through the experience of clothes fitting their children one week, and being too small the next. This can be both frustrating and costly, especially for new parents. This is why getting or buying second-hand clothes can save you so much money. Whether the clothes your child wears are brand new or second-hand, they’ll get covered in the same amount of sick and dirt, so why not save some cash and buy second-hand?

If this isn’t an option, avoid expensive brands. Getting them the most fashionable onesie may make you feel good, but it’s going to meet the same end as a budget option; covered in whatever your child decides to create on a given day.

3. Talk to friends and family

If you have friends or family that are parents, ask them if they have any old baby stuff. Don’t worry, you’re not begging. In most cases, you’re probably doing them a massive favour. By taking old items off their hands, you’ll be removing clutter and old items from their house. The best part is that you may get some great pre-loved baby goods – like a stroller or crib – for free or, very cheaply. Everyone’s a winner here.

Another instance where friends and family can help is child care. Grandparents, for example, will likely want as much time with their children as possible. Don’t be afraid to take them up – or anyone else who volunteers – on this offer. Friends and family won’t charge for babysitting!

4. Reusable nappies and diapers

Babies need nappies. The problem is when you use single-use nappies, you need to constantly buy them. Reusable diapers simply need to be washed (probably keep them separate from your clothes) and your child can wear them again! This can help you to save money and reduce the amount of waste that you create with your little one.

5. Say not to crib fillers

Crib fillers like pillows and toys may look cute, but they’re unnecessary. Think about it – the second you put your little one to bed, you need to take everything out of the crib. It might not be ‘aesthetic’, but it will save you money. Besides, your child won’t care about aesthetics.


By following these tips, you’ll be able to save money with your little one!