Melbourne has a lot to offer during the summer season, such as music festivals, art exhibitions, food festivals, and many more, catering to all tastes, whether you are a local or a tourist. Our guide offers you advice on how to make the most out of your trip, from transportation, accommodation, and sightseeing recommendations.

As Australia has diverse landscapes and weather, it is important to be prepared for all conditions and to allow yourself enough time to discover the place.


When it comes to transportation, attending a summer festival in Melbourne requires careful planning. It can be tough to get around the city during the festival season, especially with so many events happening. You can navigate the city with these tips:

  • Use public transportation: Melbourne’s public transportation system includes trams, trains, and buses. Get a Myki card and take advantage of this. You can ride all public transportation in the city with it. At the train stations or authorised retailers, you can purchase the Myki card, which is a convenient and cost-effective way to travel around town.
  • Preparation is key: Check out the summer festival website before attending the festival and plan your route. It’ll keep you out of traffic and help you find your way. Public transportation information can be found on the festival website, as well as directions to the festival location.
  • Consider carpooling or ridesharing: You can save on parking and reduce traffic congestion by carpooling or using ride-share apps like Uber or Ola. There are a number of carpooling options available through Melbourne City Council, and the city’s website provides more information.


Taking into account accommodation is another important factor when attending a food and music festival in Melbourne. Finding a place to stay can be difficult in a city that hosts so many events. You can find appropriate accommodation by following these tips:

  • It’s wise to book early: Melbourne is busy during the summer, so secure your accommodation early to make sure you have a place to stay. Since many festivals take place during school holidays, always book well in advance.
  • Alternative accommodations: Consider vacation rentals, hostels, or camping as an alternative to traditional hotels or motels. When it comes to budget-friendly vacation rentals, hostels are a viable option. There’s nothing better than camping to experience the great outdoors while being close to town.
  • Staying near the festival: Look for accommodation that’s close to the live music festival you’re heading to. These details are usually available on websites. You’ll save both time and money on transportation.

Bring bin bags or plastic bags and a bum bag or belt bag.

Plastic bags can serve as a quick and easy solution when the ground turns wet, and you can use them as makeshift boots, and a garbage bag can also be used as a raincoat in case of sudden rain. Remember to use them for your trash.

It is recommended to keep your essentials in a small bag that you can wear around your waist, this way, you can keep your hands free and be less likely to lose your valuables while enjoying fun family activities.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to pack a small bottle of hand sanitiser in your waist bag, in case you need to use portable toilets and pack some travel wipes as well.

Some of the essentials

There are tons of portable chargers out there nowadays, and most of them are small enough to fit in your jeans pocket. In the mosh pit, when your friends are lost and you need to make a plan, a portable charger can give you some much-needed juice.

Even though it sounds a bit daggy, earplugs will still let you hear your favourite singer belt out every song without leaving your ears ringing for days afterwards.

Having a light source will be helpful when it’s dark and you’re trying to find people and figure out where to go. Save yourself the space and hassle of carrying a bigger flashlight with a mini-key chain flashlight.


Designated spot

Make sure you have a designated meeting place. You’ll know you can meet up with your mates in the designated spot even in case you get separated, or your phone doesn’t work (networks get clogged up fast at festivals).

Dress for the weather

Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable, so you may want to dress accordingly. Bring an umbrella or jacket, just in case. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes since many summer festivals take place outdoors, and you’ll likely be walking about a lot.

Finally, check the festival schedule:

It is a good idea to prepare your day around the events you want to see by looking at the festival schedule in advance. Each festival’s website provides a detailed plan showing when and where each performance will occur.

In Conclusion

There’s no better way to experience Melbourne’s vibrant culture and arts scene than through summer festivals. Regardless of your interest in music, food, comedy, or art, every taste is catered to at the summer festival. You’ll have a great time if you plan ahead, keep an open mind, and take advantage of festival passes or other discounts.