Even though it may have opened the door for visitors in the 1970s, Bhutan, cut off from the rest of the world until then, baffles contemporary travellers. Bhutan, a mysterious mountain kingdom in the Himalayas, gets its mystique mostly from its rulers. To lessen the impact of tourism on Bhutanese culture and nature, the government has mandated that all visitors take part in pre-arranged guided tours. A Bhutanese guide or driver is required for all foreign visitors (except those from Bangladesh, India, and the Maldives). Consequently, going to Bhutan with a tour guide is out of the question. So, Your Bhutan adventure starts with our expert guidance.

For those from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, travelling alone in Bhutan is impossible. Westerners are need to use a travel operator in order to get the Bhutan visas. Additionally, you are allowed to freely navigate towns accompanied by your Bhutan tour guide when in Bhutan.

The fact that a Bhutan tour operator will take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy the trip is just one more perk of hiring one. They will also provide an ideal Bhutan trip guide. You will meet a new friend on your travels to Bhutan.

Booking a visit to Bhutan and securing a tour package that includes the government-mandated minimum daily charge is feasible per local rules. Therefore, the amount you will pay for a Bhutan tour operator will change with the seasons and the amount of people in your company. Pack your bags and let your Bhutan adventure starts with our expert guidance.

For those countries that are not included, the legislature is also considering making tour operators mandatory for Bhutan.

Here are some of the main benefits of taking a guided tour in Bhutan:

Simple Navigation:

Since Bhutan has no road markings, you’ll feel completely lost trying to find your way about on your own. In addition, a lot of Bhutan’s less-visited attractions are only reachable by way of long, twisting dirt roads. Also, you can only sometimes trust your GPS or map while planning a trip to Bhutan. Therefore, you would only get a little farther in Bhutan on your own if you relied on a smartphone.

Laws and Policies:

Bhutanese authorities are cautious about granting entry to tourists. Even though the governing body does not encourage it, more and more people are choosing to go to Bhutan on their own. Bhutan typically only allows tourists or official government guests to enter the country. The alternative option is to get a permit from a volunteer organization or “someone of some status” to visit the nation.

Cultural Immersion:

Bhutan is more of a cultural immersion than a typical tourist destination. Bhutan is home to a wealth of Buddhist cultural heritage and is one of the few remaining Buddhist kingdoms. It would help if you were born and raised a Buddhist in Bhutan to understand the rituals, customs, and cultural nuances and make sense of the elaborate temple art.

Additionally, Bhutan’s complicated past and present geopolitical situation takes a lot of work to comprehend. Asking a Bhutan tour operator can help you grasp nearly everything.