Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day for online sales hitting new records annually. Originally just the Monday after Thanksgiving when people shopped online after returning to work from the holiday weekend, Cyber Monday has now grown into a massive week-long event. Retailers offer the biggest discounts and deals of the year, trying to capture the attention of holiday shoppers. The mattress industry has embraced Cyber Monday more than most. Thanks to innovations in materials, manufacturing, shipping, and sales models, mattress brands are using Cyber Monday to reshape how people research and buy beds. Read on to learn how Cyber Monday mattress deals are evolving and what it could mean for your next mattress purchase.

Growth of online mattress sales

Secret that more and more shopping happens online these days. Overall ecommerce sales have risen steadily over the past decade. The same trend applies to large furniture and bedding purchases. Market research shows that 20-30% of mattress sales now originate online, and that number may rise to 50% in the next few years.  cyber monday mattress deals gives online mattress brands a prime opportunity to capture this growing market. With timed sales and too-good-to-pass-up deals, brands try to convince hesitant shoppers to finally pull the trigger on a mattress purchase. And the strategy works. Online mattress sales now peak every year on Cyber Monday. Dozens of mattress brands now develop Cyber Monday promotions to boost year-end numbers. For savvy shoppers, this influx of deals provides the perfect chance to save big.

Compressed bed-in-a-box mattresses

One reason online mattress sales keep growing is compressed Bed-in-a-Box mattresses that ship free right to your door. These innovative models with layered foam or hybrid designs use technology to compress and roll a queen or king mattress into a surprisingly small box. Opening the box at home lets the mattress decompress to full size. The convenience of quick delivery without setting foot in a store appeals to the online shopping crowd. Leading Bed-in-a-Box brands like Casper, Tuft & Needle, and Leesa offer some of Cyber Monday’s hottest mattress deals every November.

With prices slashed for one week only, Cyber Monday creates incredible value on these compressible mattresses. Past sales took $100-200 off select mattresses along with free pillows, sheets, and bed frames valued up to $600 with your purchase. For example, Leesa provided a free organic sheet set (worth $168) with every Cyber Monday mattress order in 2021. That’s in addition to up to $500 off select mattress sizes. Savvy shoppers who stacked discounts got a queen Leesa Hybrid mattress, a free sheet set, and $200 off for just $1,299 last Cyber Monday.

 By absorbing all this information pre-purchase, mattress shoppers gain confidence in their decisions. Then when Cyber Monday rolls around with all its tempting deals, you can spot truly worthwhile discounts rather than impulse buys you’ll later regret.  For instance, research may show you that the Tuft & Needle Original frequently earns higher customer satisfaction ratings for pressure and pain relief than the similar Casper Original. So if both models go on sale for Cyber Monday festivities, you’d opt for the Tuft & Needle to maximize value. Without doing the legwork beforehand, distinguishing meaningful deals becomes almost impossible during fast-paced holiday sales.