The concept of Venetian blinds come to us from European countries or the middle east in 18 century it was introduced and got famous because of their function these blinds are brought to us from middle east Venice by a merchant who’s named was Venetian merchant that’s why these are known as Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are in trend now, basically blinds for the window which has so many slats in a horizontal direction it can be set at any angle to maintain the amount of light that is passing through the room. It gives a luxurious look to any area where you install these blinds.

Can we see Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds consist of a lift cord which never allows you to see through these blinds either the slats of your blinds are not closed tightly it will only allow you to see through small horizontal gaps by which you can determine that someone is standing or here should be his head and nothing else you can see.

Are these blinds good to maintain privacy?

Venetian blinds can easily maintain privacy. Their thickness is high so these blinds are safe just like other window covering. So, you don’t need to be worried about it.

What are the advantages of Venetian blinds?

These blinds are available with so many advantages but some of them are given below.

These blinds can easily control the aspects of direct sunlight and maintain privacy. These blinds have unparalleled control mostly homeowners adjust these levels according to the direction of light and privacy.

These blinds are responsible for making your home ventilated.

These blinds can be easily cleaned without any hurdle. Simple vacuuming and cleaning with a soft cloth is enough.

These blinds are affordable for all classes, you can even customize these blinds according to your window size and measurement.

Venetian blinds made with what?

Venetian blinds are made with plastic, white aluminum, or with white PVC. These blinds are also made with ladder tape. It can easily create a blackout effect if correctly hunger these blinds are effective in reducing summer heat and provide you with good light indoors which never distracts you. Aluminum Venetian blinds can easily stop the UV rays through the holes lift cord only allows a minimum amount of light which can easily be negated in faux wood blinds if you choose ladder tapes while Roman blinds allow diffuse UV lights to pass through the fabric.

What is the lifespan of blinds?

All the blinds have a different lifespan like wood Venetian blinds these blinds are being used so much in daily wages that they are raised and lowered as sunshine comes and goes so it takes 4 to 5 years because of more use. On the other hand, the blinds which are raised and lowered after a time or only when they clean can take at least 10 years.